The Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial Application Information


The Tutorial is open to all members of the New Zealand wine industry, regardless of their present position, or area of residence.  Candidates may come from all industry areas including sommeliers, wine retailing, sales & marketing, journalism, educating, winemaking and viticulture.  The determining force for selection is the applicant’s potential and desire to make a difference; to contribute meaningfully to a fruitful future for the New Zealand wine industry.

There are just twelve places offered: nine are open to the NZ wine industry and three places are prioritised for applicants from Family wineries.   All candidates will be selected through an essay submission and completed questionnaire.  The selection process is carried out by a panel of principals from within The Family of Twelve.

The Tutorial is a residential event held over two days and three nights 15-18th July 2018.  All places are fully paid however travelling to and from Craggy Range winery, Hawke’s Bay is the only cost incurred by the candidates.

At the conclusion of the Tutorial one of the twelve candidates will be named Dux.  To establish the Dux all candidates will be appraised on both their tasting ability and the strength and persuasion of their communication.   The Dux will collect tickets for two to a major Australian wine region where they will enjoy a hosted wine experience.  They will also receive a collection of the Family’s hero wines for their cellar.

Applications open 1st December 2017 and close 2nd February 2018.

Please send your applications via email to:

Subject line: F12 Tutorial – along with your name.

Your application should consist of the following 3 items:

  1. It’s all about you: put your thoughts down on paper or make a video addressing the question:


‘What will you do for the New Zealand wine industry?’

Applicants are encouraged to nominate a particular area of interest within the New Zealand wine industry and interpret the question, as they wish, in a manner best suited to their industry aspirations.  Areas of interest for example could be: a sommelier advocating for New Zealand wine based on its suitability with contemporary cuisine or a wine retail merchant harnessing e-commerce and social media to raise awareness of and grow the demand for premium New Zealand Wine.  Put your thoughts down in written form (as long or as short as you see fit) or make a video of yourself telling us your thoughts.  If sending a video we’d recommend a posting it to youtube with a private link or using wetransfer.  We are looking for the most convincing and inspiring stories, not the longest or most technical.

  1. Your CV:

Please submit a copy of your current CV with your application.

  1. Application questionnaire:

So that we can gain a broad picture of who you are and what motivates you as a member of the NZ wine industry please complete the questionnaire below.  Email your answers numbered 1-9.


The Family of Twelve Questionnaire 2018

Please feel free to answer in any way you feel comfortable with…

  • What inspired you to first enter the wine industry?


  • What is the best or most exciting trend in the wine world today?


  • What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the wine industry today?


  • What is the worst trend in the wine industry (either a consumer or industry trend)?


  • Which New Zealand wine industry person do you most look up to?


  • If you were elected president of the wine-world what is the first thing you would do or change?


  • What is your aspiration for your wine industry involvement? i.e. would you like to be a writer, merchant, sommelier etc?


  • Which wine-producing regions or grape varieties do you see as holding the most promise for the long-term growth and success of the New Zealand wine industry?


  • If you only had 10 seconds to decide on one bottle you were going to take from your cellar and the rest would be destroyed forever, what would it be and why?


Tutorial format:

The tastings will feature a wide selection of The Family of Twelve wines including old vintages, perhaps unreleased wines and barrel samples.  These will be presented alongside benchmark examples of wines from many of the world’s great wine regions.  The tasting component of the tutorial is as follows – all wines will be blind-tasted.  Each workshop will be convened by two Family panel-leaders plus an external moderator.

At the conclusion of the Tutorial all candidates will receive a booklet listing all wines tasted.

A total of 8x tasting workshops

  • Each workshop 90 minutes in duration @ 4 x workshops per day                  (2 x morning and 2 x afternoon).
  • The panel will lead discussion, tutoring students on the tasting analysis, wine styles and regions.


A total of 3x wine options sessions

  • A wine options tasting session will accompany dinner on each of the three nights.


Please contact Kate Pritchard with any questions or for further information:

Twelve exceptional New Zealand wineries, eight wine regions, celebrating fine wine and friendship

Our members are scattered the length and breadth of New Zealand but we come together to celebrate our successes, share our stories and knowledge. We also share a desire to create extraordinary wine. We’re New Zealand’s wine family, The Family of Twelve.

Founded in 2005, our vision is to nurture long term relationships with an emphasis on education.  Our wines are as diverse as the flora and fauna of New Zealand – and so are we. We all have different stories to tell but with similar threads running through them – of travelling the world, pioneering something new and letting the land speak for itself to help deliver the very best of what wine can be.

Some family trees have legacies reaching through the centuries. Many are nuclear. A few are royal.  Not this one – far from conventional, this is a family of wine families.

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