Villa Maria Winery

A leader in sustainability, innovation and quality, Villa Maria is recognised as an icon in the New Zealand wine industry. For more than fifty years Villa Maria has been creating approachable and food friendly wines of premium quality from New Zealand’s best winegrowing regions.
Proudly New Zealand and family owned Villa Maria has a genuine desire to operate in a way that ensures resources are protected for future generations.  Great wine comes from a good relationship with the land so sustainable vineyard practices are an important part of how wines are made.

Not bound by the confines of traditional winemaking, founder and owner Sir George Fistonich’s inquisitive and persuasive nature has always seen the company pushing boundaries. An innovative culture and fearless pursuit of excellence is the reason Villa Maria wines are now sought after in more than sixty countries worldwide

  • Villa Maria Winery
  • Sir George Fistonich
  • 118 Montgomerie Road
  • Po Box 43046, Mangere
  • Auckland 2153
  • P: +64 9 255 0660
  • F: +64 9 255 0661
  • www.villamaria.co.nz