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Felton Road

A good winemaker has a thousand ways to make a wine ‘better’, but better by whose assessment? It has taken Felton Road two decades to gradually acquire the confidence to understand that the wine should be what the wine should be.

It begins each year with meticulous biodynamic viticulture in the four estate vineyards.

Gravity flow begins a gentle winemaking process. Ferments are spontaneous from the wild or indigenous yeasts that are in the vineyards and winery. Inert gas is shunned. Oak is a subtle companion, not a loud guest. The malo is simply a function of letting warm spring air into the cellars. Pinots are unfined and unfiltered; Chardonnays are increasingly being treated in the same way.

The winery’s bottlings of the single vineyard and single block wines from Central Otago’s Bannockburn sub-region are based on their speaking of a place, not on a selected hierarchy of flavour.
Felton RoadFelton RoadFelton RoadFelton Road
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