Fromm Winery

“The Fromm Winery is widely regarded as Marlborough’s pre-eminent producer of Pinot Noir. It was the first winery in the region to surrender itself wholeheartedly to the quest of making fine Pinot, and was subsequently the first to achieve outstanding results.” John Saker, Pinot Noir The New Zealand Story.

Fromm is the smallest producer within the Family of Twelve. Our committed vineyard team has helped to build a great reputation by showing attention to detail in all our processes and through our belief that healthy grapes free of harmful residues make better wines. All our grapes are hand-picked and the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts. We try not to filter or fine the wines so they truly reflect the sites and soils they come from.

Our vineyards are all focussed in the Southern Valleys region of Marlborough, and we are dedicated to producing intense, concentrated wines, with the emphasis on texture and drinkability. We carefully regulate crop size, are fully certified organic and are committed to leaving the land in a better condition for the next generation.

  • Fromm Winery
  • Stephan Walliser
  • 15 Godfrey Road
  • Rd 2, Blenheim
  • Marlborough 7272
  • P: +64 3 572 9355
  • F: +64 3 572 9366
  • www.frommwinery.co.nz