The Millton Vineyard

James and Annie Millton established Millton Vineyards and Winery in 1984. Their four individual dry farmed vineyards are situated on the East Coast of New Zealand in the wine appellation of Gisborne. Located just a few kilometres from the South Pacific Ocean, this wine region enjoys a temperate maritime climate with warm summers cooled by afternoon sea breezes, bright autumns and crisp, clear winters.

A small artisan winegrower, Millton was the first producer in New Zealand to gain Bio-Gro certification for organic wine production in 1989. Having practiced traditional methods of cultivation and production centred on biodynamic principles since inception, Millton gained the biodynamic certification Demeter in 2009. This involves growing the grapes without the use of herbicide, insecticide, systemic fungicides or soluble fertilisers. It also incorporates the use of special herbal, mineral and animal preparations and teas, as well as a deep understanding of the complex rhythms which affect these daily activities.

  • The Millton Vineyard
  • Annie Millton
  • 119 Papatu Road
  • Po Box 66, Manutuke
  • Gisborne 4053
  • P: +64 6 862 8680
  • F: +64 6 862 8869
  • www.millton.co.nz